Date: March 14th, 2019
Time: 18:30 – 20.30
Venue: CRiSAP, London College of Communication (Room: W218)
Free, all welcome, please book via Eventbrite

CRiSAP’s Research Snakes and Ladders in conjunction with Points of Listening.

From the people who brought you the CRiSAP Research Game Show: ‘what you always wanted to know about the process of researching things and were afraid to ask.’ The new game that will tell you everything about how to successfully complete your PhD and become a doctor of almost anything.

This session for UAL Research Fortnight, hosted by CRiSAP (Centre for Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice) in conjunction with PoL (Points of Listening) and involving four of its recently and soon to be completed research students will invite the audience to a game of Snakes and Ladders. Engaging luck and skill to dodge those snakes that drag you down and the ladders that help you climb up and get the final price of the PhD. In the course of the game all manner of end of PhD challenges and pitfalls are being demystified and strategies to stop falling down snakes and successfully complete are being found.

This is a participatory game that invites audience interaction to deal with all those tricky questions, problems and hurdles that might get in the way of finishing a PhD successfully. It presents an extremely useful and playful way to engage in end of PhD troubles for all of UAL’s research community: for PhD students at any stage in their project, but particularly those coming towards write up and completion, but equally for all supervising staff old and new and those who want to supervise in the future, who might be surprised by the problems that can be encountered and can contribute their own solutions and experiences to the game. It will also offer great entertainment to those post-graduate students across UAL who are contemplating undertaking a PhD and want to see what the end might look like.

Expert players:
PhD candidate Jennifer Allen
PhD candidate Matt Parker
Dr. Kevin Logan
Dr. Louise Marshall
Chaired by Mark Peter Wright and Salomé Voegelin