With: Timothy Smith
Date: October 17th, 2018
Time: 18:30 – 20.00
Venue: London College of Communication (Directions)
Free. This event is FULLY BOOKED.

Recent theoretical works by Salomé Voegelin, Rebecca Collins and Nina Eidsheim (in their respective fields of sound art, performance art and musicology) discuss the affective, reciprocal relationship between sound and listening bodies. Conversely, in theories of cinematic embodiment, such as those of Vivian Sobchack and Laura Marks, which propose a mimetic exchange between a hypothetical body of the film and the body of the viewer, the notion of embodied listening practices is conspicuously absent.

During this Points of Listening workshop, Timothy Smith will give a brief presentation on this theoretical framework and present two new audiovisual experiments which he has produced as part of his PhD research. The workshop participants are invited to share their thoughts, feelings and memories in an open discussion to consider the affective action of listening in the context of the audiovisual experience and to question whether or not what has been established in the fields of sound art, performance art and musicology can be extended to include audiovisual artwork. What conditions need to be in place for an affective engagement to occur? How different is the experience in a cinema context compared to a gallery installation? How is it different again if the listener-viewer is experiencing the artwork alone on a laptop or handheld device? How much does one’s subjectively felt, lived experience affect this engagement?

Timothy Smith is an artist-filmmaker currently undertaking his PhD at UAL. His practice-led research attends to sound, memory, affect, voice and embodied listening in relation to audiovisual artwork. His narrative short films have been shown at more than 70 international film festivals; winning awards in Milan, Calgary, Oslo and Warsaw. More recently, his experimental audiovisual work has screened in London at the BFI London Film Festival, BFI Flare and Fringe! Queer Film Fest; and internationally in Rotterdam and Barcelona.

Image Credit: Queer Babel, Film Still, 2018, Timothy Smith.