Date: March 9th, 2018
Time: 17:00 – 19.00
Venue: London College of Communication (Lecture Theatre B)

A Research Game Show hosted by CRiSAP (Creative Research in Sound Arts Practice) in conjunction with PoL#40 (Points of Listening)

‘what you always wanted to know about the process of researching things and were afraid to ask.’

This session for UAL Research Fortnight, hosted by CRiSAP in conjunction with PoL and involving its research students and alumni is inspired by an earlier incarnation of the research game show approach staged at Supersonix, a conference by the Exhibition Road Cultural Group (V&A, Science Museum, Goethe Institute and Natural History Museum) in 2012.

For this particular intervention, 8 research students and alumni will be invited to present, in exactly 6 minutes, their research by talking only about the processes and procedures of their methodology, without mentioning their research question, genre or context of work, outcomes or aims. This strictly enforced limitation on process, will provide focus and avoid the distraction of the context and thus will enable a cross-disciplinary debate about research without the disciplinary boundaries that a more outcome and material based discussion sets up.

This restriction will be closely adhered to: any contestant who strays into description of the work itself or any other particulars about there research outcomes and aims will be stopped. The timeframe of 6 minutes will be strictly enforced as well and a sound will abruptly call the end of each presentation.

The presentations are purely verbal, there are no sonic or visual aids that can be used to support these articulation of research process.

The eight 6 minute presentation are followed by a Q&A that allows other research students and staff to ask questions, compare and debate processes and find differences and communalities of working.

Kevin Logan
Louise Marshall
Dan Scott
Iris Garrelfs
Victoria Karlsson
Kate Carr
Timothy Smith
Julie Groves
Chaired by Cathy Lane, Mark Peter Wright and Salomé Voegelin

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