With Matt Parker
Date: Wednesday October 12th, 2016
Time: 18:30
Venue: London College of Communication. Performance Lab
Members of the public please meet at the main reception area. <Directions>


ldn-roof-1-sizePhoto Credit: Michael James Lewis

Techno-cultural sound scholar Frances Dyson has argued that, ‘despite the fact that most of the world’s sense-making occurs through various technological devices and sounds within physical spaces, the relationship between the output device and the room in which it is heard in the making of sense is rarely questioned’ [1]. In other words, the actual ‘sound’ of digital media is ignored, as are the conditions of hearing it.

What are the sounds of digital media and how might we listen to them? By listening to their infrastructures, what might we learn about our relationship with media technologies?

Matt Parker is an audiovisual artist who has travelled inside the belly of the Internet to try and understand how the Internet works only to emerge more confused and with more questions than before. For this edition of Points of Listening, join Matt in delving deep into the network, breaking down the Internet; its politics, its ecology, its financialisation and its environment through a series of prepared and live sonospheric investigations.

Links: www.earthkeptwarm.com | www.thepeoplescloud.org

[1] Dyson, F., 2014. The Tone of our Times: Sound, Sense, Economy, and Ecology, Leonardo book series. Cambridge, Mass: MIT Press.