With Antoine Bertin
Date: Wednesday February 10th, 2016
Time: 18:00
Venue: London College of Communication (Directions)
Free with limited capacity


Is there a connection between animal burrows, prehistorical caves and space observatories?

As part of the development of a new project, which involves the construction of a human scale animal burrow, Antoine Bertin will utilise the participatory format of PoL to converse and explore collectively on the relationship between listening and underground spaces. The experimental event will take place within a collaboratively imagined tunnel, in the form of a live radio show and a DIY virtual reality experience.

No tunneling or recording experience necessary!

Antoine Bertin is known for his performative and unpredictable approach to listening. He is interested in the process of recording as an opportunity to make connections between people, animals and outer space. http://www.antoinebertin.org