With Kevin Logan
Date: Thursday April 16th, 2015
Time: Arrive at 18:15 (starts promptly at 18:30)
Venue: LCC, Elephant & Castle reception (Directions)


The term acousmatic comes from the Greek word akousma: ‘what is heard’, and originally describes a particular method of delivering lectures. In English, we generally contrast the passive form, to hear, with the active or intensive, to listen. In an attempt to interrogate the very nature of pedagogic practices such as lectures and formal presentations this Points of Listening will seek to address the extra-audible functions of listening. That is to say, hearing and listening as methods and metaphors for imparting and accruing an understanding.

I will employ a number of short performative interventions devised specifically to generate and facilitate dialogue. By playfully regarding the differentiation between listening and hearing I hope to problematize the power balance of auditory communication through a reflexive ‘performing-knowing’ that engages meaning, sound and self: sidestepping the ‘hard of listening’ propagated through top-down pedagogy.

Kevin Logan.