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Videos referenced:

Pierre-Laurent Cassière, Pulse, 2010
Expanded cinema/sound installation with Crooke's radiometer

György Ligeti, Poème Symphonique, 1962
Composition for 100 Metronomes

Harry Partch, Cloud Chamber Bowls, 1969
Glass bell instrument
(featured with other instruments here:

Dawn Scarfe, Do You Hear What I Hear? 2010
Sound installation with recordings from Helmholtz resonators

Dawn Scarfe, Tuning to Spheres, 2011
Installation and performance for sine tone generators, wine glasses and turntables

Alvin Lucier, In Memoriam John Higgins, 1984
Composition for sine wave generator and solo clarinet

Richard Chartier
Transparency (Performance), 2011
With recordings of Rudolf Koenig's Grand Tonometer