With Dawn Scarfe
Date: Tuesday 9th December 2014
Time: 18:30 – 20:30
Venue: Science Gallery (pop-up space) London, SE1 9RT Directions


Cloud chamber, metronome, radiometer, resonator, sine wave generator, tuning fork…

This session explores the sound of artworks in which scientific instruments take centre stage. It asks what these works might reveal about artistic and scientific approaches to sound, hearing and listening. After an extended listening session, there will be an opportunity to discuss the form and function of the instruments and the experimental processes involved in the production and performance of the works.

“I distrust the prism and its fantastic spectrum. I regard it as an art of enchantment, as an unfaithful mirror of nature, more proper by its brilliance to create flights of imagination and to serve error than to nourish minds solidly and to draw obscure truth from deep wells. The prism is the apparatus of the imposter.” Louis Bertrand Castel (1688-1757) inventor of the ocular harpsichord.

*Image credit: Pierre-Laurent Cassière 2010.
**This Points of Listening is produced in collaboration with Ed Baxter and Resonance FM.